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Contact an Ultra Tec Lapidary Representative


ULTRA TEC has lapidary representatives all over the world.  They will be pleased to help with all your gem cutting needs.

Click the Button Below to Contact Us --  tell us where you live (and your telephone number, please) 

-- We'll refer you to the ULTRA TEC rep in your area.





Would you like to become an Ultra Tec Representative ?

We are actively looking to expand our lapidary representation. Maybe you’d consider being an Ultra Tec Rep? 

The requirements - Well, you need to live where we don’t already have a representative, you generally have to be an experienced Ultra Tec owner, and, you need to love your Ultra Tec. 

The rest is easy, and pleasurable.  Ultra Tec does all the “businessy” stuff.  If you might be interested, contact me,

Joe Rubin (by email, joe@ultratecusa.com ).


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