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  for the Ultra Tec Classic Faceting Machine


DIGITAL ANGLE DIAL (DAD) KIT -- upgrade for Analog machines

The DAD--shown mounted in replacement for the Analog Angle Dial that was standard on all machines prior to October 2008.  The DAD Replacement Kit includes step-by-step instructions and a calibration block for the initial setup.  DAD stores the initial calibration permanently.  

DAD utilizes advanced encoder technology and allows setting of the angle to true 0.01 degree accuracy and repeatability.  It reads–out through the entire cutting sequence (it has an optionally-on buzzer for the end point). 

Setting the angle to its hundredth-of-a-degree accuracy is EASY, COMFORTABLE, and ERROR FREE—It leaves behind the uncertainty (and the “feeling” of uncertainty) that accompanied setting vernier positions, and that, as a bonus, saves the time spent in re-checking the vernier-set angle.  Power cord for 110V or 220V is included.

The DAD has had an excellent record of Reliability.  You can read about it in the “LIBRARY”, and there are questions answered in the “FAQ” section.

Here are a few of the comments that we’ve gotten:

●  “I have an older model Ultra Tec but recently upgraded with the DAD.  The new experience with Digital technology is like going from night to day.  Wow!!”

●  “Just a note to let you know that I am fascinated with my new DAD.”

●  “I want to congratulate you and your crew on the DAD attachment.  It is fantastic!  I have now cut about a dozen stones with it and love it!”

●  “…the DAD is great, and I enjoy cutting my stones.”

●  “ It`s the greatest … it’s made a big difference for me. Now I can do those cuts I always wanted to try.  Thank you.”

 ●  “…this wonderful piece of technology will allow me to save major time in the cutting of any design.  Thank you!”


Item no. 1314.1







With all other accessories, we recommend waiting until you have been faceting for a while--to see which you want--but, we recommend the Dial Indicator Attachment immediately--we think it's an "everyone-should-have" accessory. In faceting, the "action" occurs between the stone and the lap, where you can't see it.  Using a Dial Indicator Attachment, however, is like having "eyes on the lap"--you know exactly what's happening at the lap surface--with great precision (over ½ inch of needle travel equals 0.1°).  You see exactly where you are--all the time. 

REDUCED INSPECTIONS--Inspections are reduced dramatically--in roughing, by perhaps 90%--greatly reducing faceting time. Importantly, that makes the faceting process easier on your eyes--leaving them fresh for the final polishing.

FEELING--AND BEING--IN CONTROL--The Dial Indicator Attachment "talks to you" all the time--from the start of the grinding action to the end.  It tells you how much material remains to be removed and how fast it's coming off--when changing laps, it finds the new surface exactly, without trial cuts--it tells you if you mis-index--it puts you "in-control".  You know what's happening as it happens (instead of inspecting afterwards--often too late).  Its advantages are not fully describable in only technical terms--it's as much the feeling and the knowledge of being in control that's so important.

The design dampens out indicator flutter, and dual ball-bearings eliminate backlash. 


Order Code:          1305.7



This provides fast, accurate alignment of the Tabling Adapter. It is inserted into the Tabling Adapter and is used to align the adapter flat to the lap. It eliminates the effect of tolerance build-up, and when the Adapter is replaced by the dopped stone, it's right on right angle.

 Order Code:              1351.7




José Guiu, of Barcelona, Spain, developed this device, and he’s been getting remarkable yields with it. As always, he’s eager to share his techniques with other faceters. 

Useful for the centering of all stones - The Guiu Dopper is particularly useful for small stones - where a very small dopping offset results in a large percentage loss of yield.  The Guiu Dopper’s mechanical holding method provides two significant advantages: 1) you to position the stone relative to the dop for maximum yield - the result of open visibility and certainty of dop placement, and 2) it keeps your fingers out of the way, providing safety for your fingers - away from the flame or away from the sticky stuff.





With the Guiu Dopper, you set your dop in an optimum position on the rough, to assure maximum yield.  You position and control the rough relative to the dop mechanically—precisely (the picture tells the story better than words).  The depth of insertion of the rough is settable, and then X and Y positioning is easily done - rotary-thread movement enables very fine linear adjustments.  No more “eyeballing” it in.  

The Guiu Dopper holds the stone firmly.  Unlike clay or magnet-based devices it is free of the effects of accidental bumping or gravity induced movement.

All stainless steel construction. Guiu Doppers are available individually, or as paired sets (standard or large).  Included with each purchase  is an Aluminum Pencil for marking the target on the rough, and a Centering Guide for aligning to the marked target.  You use it in your Transfer Fixture—and you use whatever dopping technique you prefer, hot or cold. 

Order Code:1746.1 Standard Size Guiu Dopper - Round , holds rough up to 17.5mm (0.7 inches)

Order Code 1746.2 Standard Size Guiu Dopper - Emerald , holds rough up to 16mm (0.6 inches) wide. 

Order Code 1746.8 Standard Size Set - both Round and Emerald

Order Code:1747.1 Large Size Guiu Dopper - Round Kit, holds rough up to 25mm (1 inch)




We offer a large range of DOPS in Flat (F), Cavity (C),  and V configurations.  Standard F and C Dops are keyed, while V Dops are not--(because long-sided stones, like those cut in the V dop, are best aligned using the long girdle facet.  See the price list for sizes (a 12 dop set is included with the faceting machine). 

There are also SPECIAL DOPS, such as rectangular Emerald Dops, in F and V configurations, Thin Emerald Dops for tourmaline, and Pot Dops--which are oblong ("roasting pan" shaped) for transfer of Marquise or Ovals.  For the same reason that V Dops are not keyed, Pot Dops are not keyed.  Refer to the price list for sizes.

Order Codes: Various (see Price list )



Guiu Girdle Aligner—a parallel bar 2 inches long that can be affixed to your stone to allow you to adjust girdle position after transfer to almost perfect. The long bar allows a much better straight edge to align to. 

Order Code: 1750.1 - Guiu Girdle Aligner  



SAVES TIME--it's fast! 

SAVES MONEY--it uses a low cost saw blade rather than a lap. 

SAVES MATERIAL--the most important feature--the piece that is sliced off is most often large enough to facet--a nice "bonus". You dop your stone, pay attention to how it is oriented, and then, instead of grinding your material to dust, you slice it. 

The standard Saw Blade in this kit removes only .009"  of material, so your loss of material is minimized (some pro's report they can eliminate rough grinding of the mains).  For cutting inexpensive material, a 012" more rigid blade is offered.

Order Code: 1357.7  




The Ultra Tec Mast comes with a 96 Index Gear--the most often used.  Faceting designs specify the Index Gear, and the 96 and 64 cover about 80% of published designs.  Changing Index Gears takes only a few minutes.  The symmetry of a design depends on which numbers divide evenly into the available number of teeth on the Index Gear.  For example, a 5-sided design will use an 80 Index Gear, a 3-sided design will use a 72 or 96, etc.  Why does a designer choose one or another when both will allow the same number of sides?--well, the more teeth, the more subtlety of design is possible. Index Gears available are: 32 - 64 - 72 - 77 - 80 - 96 - 120. 

Order Code: 1905.XX 

--  Replace XX with the number of Teeth (example: 1905.77)  



There is a stud, that holds the Lamp, preassembled at the rear of the Baseplate.  The Lamp's vinyl-coated gooseneck is 30 inches long, allowing easy location of the illumination relative to the facet surface.   The Lamp accepts a 100 watt bulb.  The double walled shade stays cool on the outside, avoiding accidental burns.


Order Code:  1301.7



This allows the preforming of Marquise, Oval and Shield shapes.  Fitting onto the outside diameter of the Spindle, it provides up to 30mm of offset, calibrated in increments of .1mm.  Four keyed dops are included.  Instructions include tables for standard stone sizes, and a method for calculation of offset for any combination you'd like--You should understand that preforming is not an absolute necessity--after preforming, you are still going to put the dop into the Spindle and proceed with faceting, and you might want to do that in the first place.  But, if you like the controlled feel of having a preform before faceting, the Offset Attachment is for you.  It is easiest to use along with a Dial Indicator Attachment. 

Order Code:  1816.7  



Developed for tables, but OK for any facet--it's slow, but  accurate.  It maintains steady speed and arc on the lap. At times, impatient people, finding a large table isn't polishing "fast enough" decide to "lean a little extra".  The next thing they find is a new table advancing across the stone.  So, if you're impatient--develop some patience, or stop cutting such big stones, or get an Oscillator and let it do the work. 

Easy bracket assembly--The easily disengaged linkage allows you to leave it mounted when you use the machine manually.  The kit also includes a set of weights to add pressure to the Tabling Adapter--Adjustable for any arc.

Order Code:  1379.7   



The machine comes with a 45° Tabling Adapter.  This 90° Adapter allows greater working height off the lap surface, for large stones (but if that's your need, read about the Two-Inch Base, and then decide). Aside from height, there are some who say that the 90° position works better (does it?--we've learned not to argue with customers--so if you want it, here it is).  Sturdy outside diameter type of mount.

Order code:  1310-7


2 Inch Base

This provides two inches of extra height for the Mast while maintaining its firmness.  It's for cutting very large stones.  Now, for an occasional large stone, the 90° Table Adapter can be used, but you have to scrunch down to view the Table.  So, if you do many large stones, the Two-Inch Base lets you work comfortably, using the 45° Table Adapter (which provides an upward-pointing Table in the inspection position)).  Lever actuated locking mechanism.

Order Code: 1365.1


Many people prefer this to the traditional Drip Tank.  The Faucet's main advantage is that it accommodates a larger supply of water (a gallon or two).  Users also like the Faucet's small size.  Keep in mind, to use the Faucet best, you would have a permanent place for your machine, since it will work with a larger water container.  If you sometimes move your machine to other locations, that's OK--at such times just leave the faucet where it is, and take along the Drip Tank that came with the machine. 

The Faucet is set into a fitting in the Baseplate (the same fitting that accepts the Drip Tank post).  The bushing is located at the Faucet's base.  The Spout is flexible and can direct the water to any position on the lap.  In its most typical setup, the Faucet draws water from a container set above the level of the Baseplate (see the illustration), or, it can be plumbed to a water line. You supply the container--the typical water bottle available at the market--we supply the faucet, hose, fittings, and instruction.

 Order Code:  1501-7



It rotates the Spindle at a constant speed for round pre-forming.  It's slower than you can do it, but it works while you're doing something else, and doesn't fatigue.  It makes the preform very accurately round, using the Angle Stop to control the depth of the cut.

It installs and removes easily, mounting on the close side of the Mast, (so your Dial Indicator Attachment remains in place).  It's handy for people with limited time who would like to have the stone ready for faceting when they get to the machine (if you're an evening faceter, it can pre-form your stone while you are having dinner).

 Order Code:  1407.7




The Stop Indicator signals contact with the stop, offering both a sight signal and a sound signal--a red-light comes on when contact has been made with the stop, and also a buzzer (which is optionally-on). 

The buzzer feature, in particular, is for speed.  There's no need to look away from your faceting--just hear the "beep" and index to the next position--off you go---moving along very fast.  The buzzer is located in the box--with a control so that its sound is muted enough so as not to drive one's spouse crazy (on the other hand, one's spouse might be pleased to hear the faceting moving along so fast).  There is a switch to turn off the buzzer, when you want to.

Both the light and the buzzer are very sensitive indicators, detecting a step of only .0001".  So, it's a better end-point indicator than the Dial Indicator Attachment (but it doesn't have that device's

constant positional readout.  Does it make sense to have both? Yes--many people do.).          

The Stop Detector is housed in a small (2.5" X 2.5" X 4") separate box that can be placed conveniently in the work area.  The unit uses a standard 110V outlet--no worry about whether batteries are working.  There are only two wire connections (they are supplied) to the Mast and a plug into the box.  It's a very easy installation.

 Order Codes:  1510.75 (110V)     1510.76 (220-240V)  



ALUMINUM SCRIBING PENCIL.  Used to mark your gemstone for girdle location, or as an aid in aligning facets when transferring. Nice to have handy.  Part No. 2555-7

DUST COVER.  Protect your equipment and the lap surface from airborne grit--and avoid "mystery" scratches.  Made of flexible 4 mil vinyl, and imprinted with the Ultra Tec logo.   Part no. 1581-7



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