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Fancy some light bed-time reading or viewing ? Click on the links below for a selection of recent articles on and about Ultra Tec faceting.


















Please note: Most of these videos above are produced by 3rd parties -- all opinions are their own and do not necessarily reflect opinions or past or current Ultra Tec product specifications.


Lapidary Notes & Articles

. Author Title Description
Article Lisa Elser Buying Rough Keynote article on tips and experience for buying rough -- from near or far -- gained by professional cutter Lisa Elser
Gem Design Ruth Aiken Trophy Stone

Ruth's award winning design

Article John Bailey Can you make money faceting? New article on how to turn faceting into a financially rewarding hobby if you want to.
Article Dalan Hargrave Concave Facet Polishing An exceprt from Dalan's New Book on Concave FAceting
Brochure Ultra Tec The V2 Faceting Machine  New Marketing Flyer for our Signature Product - the V2 Faceting Machine
Article John Dyer Digital Angle Dial (DAD)

An in-depth review of the Ultra Tec Digital Angle Dial by an expert user of the user of the equipment.

Brochure Ultra Tec Introducing The Fantasy & Concave Machines  Flyer for the New Fantasy & Concave Faceting Machines
Brochure Ultra Tec DAD Flyer DAD Flyer including comments from faceters
Gem Design Bob Hall 7 and 11 Faceting Designs

A series of designs which take advantage of Ultra Tec's "77" Index Gear.

Gem Design Dalan Hargrave Concave Conversion and Comparison  Conversion and Comparison of a Standard Round Brilliant cut with a corresponding Concave Round Brillian Cut
Article Dalan Hargrave Concave Facet  Synopsis of Dalan Hargrave's new Book "Concave Facet" to be published in mid 2010
Article Brad Amos Digital Angle Dial (DAD)

The best engineering solution to the problem of determining the right point to stop cutting.

Article Clive Washington, UKFCG Nomogram: A simple method for the transposition of faceting angles A simple yet powerful technique for transposing angles.
Article Ivan Solotaroff / Modern Jeweller Magazine Diamond Mavericks - Counterfeiter - John Nels Hatleburg The well-known diamond replicator and Ultra Tec Faceter talks of the great  stones he's held in his pocket and his quest to bring to life the original Koh-i-Noor
Article Ultra Tec, with thanks to Grover Sparkman Computer Generated Cutting Diagrams Getting the most out of your rough, on computer generated designs
Article Ultra Tec The Setable Key How to retain the keying after rotating the dop
Article Ultra Tec Controlling a Particular Stone Size Using the Ultra Tec V2's calibrated mast to help you fit your stone to the size required
Article Ultra Tec, with thanks to Warren Morrison Transposing Angles Transposing a design to fit a material with a different refractive index

Gem Design

Reg Thompson ULTRABRIL Design Another great design from Reg Thompson Gem Studio


Gem Design

Reg Thompson OCTABRIL Design A great design from Reg Thompson Gem Studio


Article  Allen B Smith Photography of Faceted Gemstones (pdf) A no-nonsense guide to getting the best images of your faceted stones
Article  Glenn Klein  Get Rid of Cheater! - Article Pt 1 (pdf) Making the case for new faceting nomenclature
Article  Glenn Klein There are Better Names for "Cheaters" - Article Pt 2 (pdf) Setting the standards of what to call faceting accessories
Article  Professional Jeweler Magazine - Nov 2004 Earthly Perfection - Gems cut by John Dyer are worn by women with confident personalities A special interview with a multiple award winner who loves his Ultra Tec
Article  Professional Jeweler Magazine - Oct 2002 Sweet Harmony David Clay Zava, a talented musician and deep thinker facets some of America's prettiest gemstones
Article  Barabara Smigel About ACS A faceting success story and some history
Article    Contraste Magazine    April 2004 Column (pdf)  In Spanish - Discussion of the new Faculty of Gemology at the University of Barcelona, and their Ultra Tec faceting area
Article    Contraste Magazine    June 2004 Column (pdf) In Spanish - Discussion of faceting machine accessories
Article    Contraste Magazine July/August Column (pdf) In Spanish - Description of the main parts of a faceting machine
Article  Ultra Tec Selection Guide For Faceting Machines (pdf) Some important things to think about before you buy a faceting machine
Article  Joe Rubin Why you should NOT buy a used faceting machine (pdf) Self-explanatory - you know the term "you get what you pay for" - this article explains why
Article  Ultra Tec Questions you may have had about faceting (but were ashamed to ask) (pdf) Answers to
Article  Joe Rubin The Economics of Amateur Faceting (pdf) Looks at how faceting can provide several types of reward 
Article  The New Yorker 

- Dec  2003

The Noises - What was going on in the apartment upstairs? (pdf) A whodunnit from the hallowed pages of the New Yorker magazine.
Article Jeff Graham -  of  www.faceters.com  Take a Tour of the Ultra Tec Factory

A warts and all visit around our 'home'

 Brochure Ultra Tec The Ultra Tec V2 Faceting Machine (pdf) Sales brochure for our premium product



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